Corporate Culture

Passionate innovation

To stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees to a greater degree, and become the master of the innovation and development of enterprises. And through concept innovation, scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, and constantly promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, become the industry’s leading enterprises.

Refined Role

Advocate employees with a tenacious enterprising spirit, the work of excellence, the courage to assume. Adhere to fairness and justice, strive to be an active participant in market competition and a firm defender of market order, and realize the responsibility and contribution to society, to the country and to the earth’s homeland.

Converged sharing

Actively create a good atmosphere for enterprises and employees to grow together, progress and retreat together, reflect the value of each employee’s life in the development of enterprises, and in the market competition to carry out strong cooperation, through production, production and integration, production and research collaboration, to achieve complementary resources, win-win progress.

​Mission: Use technology to get close to nature.

Cultural heritage concept, innovation-driven development, product-led change.

Committed to providing professional, safe, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge outdoor leisure products and services, the use of advanced technology and innovative ideas to enhance people’s leisure experience fun and quality of life, enhance the harmony between man and nature.

Vision: Leading the global leisure life to create a world-class brand.

First-class products, derived from: the audience demand for changes in unremitting research, the bold application of professional science and technology, the market dynamics of the forward-looking grasp, the continuous focus on ecological and environmental protection.

First-class enterprises, derived from: excellent leading operating performance, passion for innovation, integrity and win-win development concept, positive and healthy sense of competition, fair and friendly talent environment.

First-class brand, from: the above ideal faithful implementation and firm confidence.