Technical Support

How do these headphones work?

Bone conduction headphones work by softly vibrating the skull bones near the ear, which allows sound to travel from the device into the wearer’s cochlea without interacting with the eardrum. Without earbuds in the ear canal or headphones completely covering the ear, the wearer can be more fully aware of their surroundings and not have to remove or turn off the device.

Is this technology safe?

Bone conduction headphones are just as safe as traditional in-ear headphones. All types of headphones come with some risk of hearing damage when used at the highest settings for long periods of time. For most listeners, staying below the maximum volume will be the safest option.

Who should wear Conduit headphones?

Anyone who needs to stay aware of their surroundings or makes frequent calls throughout the day!
• Cyclists and runners who need to be aware of traffic and other pedestrians at all times
• Athletes who want to practice while listening to music
• Women who want to feel safer while jogging
• Parents who want to listen to podcasts or music while keeping track of the kids
Workers of all kinds, including front-desk workers and receptionists, customer service representatives in call centers and others who make frequent calls throughout the day, factory workers, day laborers, warehouse floor staff, custodial staff, mechanics, dog walkers, and baby sitters – to name a few.

How do I wear the Conduit Motion?

The headphones wrap behind the head and sit at the nape of the neck. The hooked parts of the band loop over your ears. The control buttons and recharge port will be on your right side. The parts of the headphones that emit sound – transducers – should sit comfortably in front of the ear canal openings, lightly touching the sides of your head outside the ear.

Can I wear the Conduit Motion with a bike helmet, or glasses, or both?

Conduit Motions were designed to have a low profile fit to accommodate glasses and helmets. Cyclists can wear the headphones with a safety helmet and sunglasses, while skiers and snowboarders can do the same with full-face helmets.

Are the Conduit Motion Water Resistant/Water Proof?

Conduit Motions are water-resistant. Running, biking, and walking outside during a rainstorm will not damage them. They should not be submerged under water.

How long does the battery last?

Average battery life is 6 to 8 hours per charge when listening to music. It’s possible to get 9 hours of use if listening to audio books. It takes an average of two hours to charge the battery.

How is the sound quality?

You should not have to sacrifice sound quality when switching to bone conduction. We worked with the sound specialists at Acoustic Directions to design totally unique headphone transducers that provide an unmatched listening experience.